Chrome Hearts, the upscale Hollywood brand established in 1988 by Richard Stark, Leonard Kamhout, and John Bowman, currently co-owned by Richard and Laurie Lynn Stark. The iconic cross-logo adorned with the brand name defines their silver, gold, and diamond accessories, eyewear, leather goods, apparel, furniture, kitchenware, and eclectic items. Renowned for their use of leather, silver, and ebony, the sprawling Hollywood production site is the hub for their in-house manufacturing, with a global network of buildings and factories.

With a staff of 1000 at their Los Angeles site as of 2021, Chrome Hearts, though unconfirmed, is estimated to be a billion-dollar brand. Originating in a Los Angeles garage in 1988, Stark and Bowman initiated the brand with master jeweler Kamhout, creating leather jackets that filled a gap in the market. Their first project, a costume design for Chopper Chicks in Zombietown, marked the brand’s inception.

Accolades followed with the CFDA’s Accessory Designer Award in 1992. A Manhattan boutique opened in 1996, followed by Tokyo in 1999, West Hollywood in 2000, and Hong Kong in 2003. Chrome Hearts ventured into publishing a fashion magazine in the early 2000s, graced with interviews and celebrity photoshoots until 2017.

In a legal move in April 2020, Chrome Hearts took action against MNML for unauthorized use of their trademark cross symbol on jeans. Since its 1994 restructuring, the brand has been under the joint ownership of Richard Stark and Laurie Lynn Stark, solidifying its status as a global luxury powerhouse.


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