Established in 2019 by Tremaine Emory, a designer with a keen aesthetic sense, each collection from Denim Tears narrates a compelling story, uncovering what the founder refers to as the African Diaspora. Highlighted through notable partnerships with renowned brands such as Ugg, Stüssy, Champion, Converse, ASICS, and Dior, Denim Tears serves as a showcase for Emory’s distinctive African American vision. The brand’s distinctive approach to heritage and design has secured its inclusion in the permanent collection of The Met Costume Institute in New York.

Tremaine Emory, an influential American designer and creative consultant, is the visionary behind the acclaimed clothing brand, Denim Tears, and the former creative director of Supreme.

Having contributed as a creative consultant for notable publications like The Face and brands such as Stüssy, Off-White, and YEEZY, Emory’s extensive portfolio extends to collaborations with renowned figures in art, music, and fashion. His journey includes partnerships with icons like Frank Ocean, André 3000, Virgil Abloh, and more.

In 2010, Emory made a significant move to London to work with Marc Jacobs and later served as a creative consultant and brand director for Kanye West from 2016 to 2018. Before launching Denim Tears, he held the role of art and brand director-at-large for Stüssy and was the first creative director of Supreme, resigning due to disagreements in communication.

Emory co-founded the collective “No Vacancy Inn” with Acyde, offering a unique blend of radio shows, DJ sets, party series, and pop-up shops. In 2019, he established Denim Tears, delving into the historical context of cotton and slavery in America through a collection released on the 400th anniversary of slavery.

In February 2022, Emory took on the role of creative director for Supreme, a position he left in August 2023. Explore the distinctive world of Tremaine Emory, where fashion, art, and culture converge.


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