• Diamond Tester Pen Description:Ensure the authenticity of your diamonds with our Diamond Tester Pen. Featuring advanced technology, this tester easily distinguishes between real diamonds and imitation stones.
    • Moissanite & Real Diamonds Detection
      Capable of distinguishing diamonds from fakes but unable to differentiate between Moissanite and natural diamonds.
    • Diamond Detection
      It emits a low-frequency beeping (1 beep per second) for natural diamonds, accompanied by 1-4 red lights on the level meter. Larger stones illuminate more lights.
    • Imitation Detection
      There is no sound or red light when testing imitation stones like cubic zirconium (CZ), crystal, or glass.
    • Metal Alert
      If testing metal, it emits high-frequency beeping (5 beeps per second). A metal alert buzzer ensures accurate testing by preventing false diamond readings.
    • Other Alerts
      Detects water, skin, or other items with high-frequency beeping (5 beeps per second).
    • Magnification
      Includes a 60x LED magnifier for inspecting gems, coins, antiques, stamps, and more.
    • Operation Guidelines
      • Bare Hands Operation: Conduct tests with bare hands for accurate metal alerts.
      • Two-Hand Operation: Hold the diamond in one hand and the tester in the other, ensuring contact with the electricity-conductive panel.

    Troubleshooting Tips:

    1. Power On Failure:
      Install a 9V battery with correct polarity and turn the knob to power on. Replace the battery if the indicator light doesn’t illuminate.
    2. Beeping on Startup:
      Adjust initialization settings based on diamond temperature and size using the rear panel table.
    3. Weak or No Sound:
      Check battery installation and clean the probe for improved testing efficacy.
    4. High-Frequency Sound on Metal:
      Metal emits a high-frequency sound due to thermal conductivity, similar to diamonds.
    5. Compatibility:
      Designed primarily for distinguishing diamonds. Seek professional confirmation for other gemstone types.

    Test Result Interpretation:

    1. Real Diamond:
      Low-frequency beeping (1 beep per second) and red lamp illumination (more lights for larger stones).
    2. Fake Diamond:
      No sound or red lamp illumination.
    3. Metal Testing:
      High-frequency beeping without red lamp illumination.

    Important Notice:
    This Diamond Tester Pen is designed to distinguish between real and fake diamonds only. Please do not use it for testing water, coins, metal, or skin.