THEY SAY “HOLA,” YOU HEAR “HELLO”: Communicate seamlessly with people speaking different languages. Use the Interpreter feature on your Galaxy phone for real-time translations through your Galaxy Buds during face-to-face conversations¹.

PHONE TO EAR, TRANSLATIONS YOU HEAR: Whether phoning a relative or making reservations while traveling, break down language barriers with Galaxy Buds and Live Translate. Use the Samsung Phone app to hear real-time translations through your Buds¹.

EVERY MOMENT SOUNDS EPIC: Enjoy studio-quality sound with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro². Experience an enhanced listening experience, whether you’re rocking out to your playlist or tuning into a podcast.

HEAR ONLY WHAT YOU WANT: Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation³ silences even the loudest external sounds, letting you focus on what matters without distractions.

SOUND NEVER FELT SO RIGHT: Designed for superior comfort, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro fit securely no matter what you’re doing, so you can forget they’re even there while you work or work out.

LIKE 3D FOR YOUR EARS: Enhance your favorite sounds with 360-degree audio² for a personalized surround sound experience every time you wear them.

RECORD LIKE A PRO: Capture high-quality audio without bulky equipment using 360 Audio Recording⁴. Create captivating videos with professional-grade sound quality.

NOT TODAY, WATER: Your IPX7 water-resistant Galaxy Buds2 Pro can withstand rain and sweat, keeping the music going even in wet conditions, with protection for immersion up to 3 feet deep for up to 30 minutes⁵.

A GALAXY IN PERFECT SYNC: Open the case and tap to connect your Galaxy devices⁶. Easily pair with your tablet, phone, or Watch, with automatic audio switching when you receive an alert or call⁷.