Sp5der is a streetwear brand founded by Young Thug. Launched in 2019, It features familiar Thugger motifs—from rhinestones to spider webs—on hoodies, T-shirts, trucker hats, and more. Today, the label is known for its irregular drop schedule as it is for its eccentric design language.

In 2019, Young Thug launched the streetwear brand Sp5der, known for its distinctive Thugger-inspired designs and limited-edition releases. One such item is the Sp5der Hoodie, bathed in pink and adorned with a spider-web motif sprinkled with multicolored stars. Encircling this design is the slogan “nevermind the spider, here’s the slime,” with a prominent “P*NK!” logo in black, edged in sparkling rhinestones. Released in August 2021, this hoodie was part of Sp5der’s late-summer collection.

The hoodie, in striking pink, showcases a chest logo of a spider web with a “p*nk” inscription, signifying the Sp5der brand established by Young Thug.

As for its market introduction, the Sp5der P*nk Hoodie was priced at $200.